Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Deleting stupid

I dont mean to be whine, but I don't want to forget this anger that I had this morning.

Politic in the office is as bad as the states politic. Rotten, manipulative and full of greed.

What I usually tell my friends, my current workplace is very much known as ' the Malay privileged nest' where some of the staffs received their education scholar and later on received their very first salary from this very own company, climbed the ladder to the top and finally become the management key of the company. These are the people who don't even have a clue about the tension of competing among the multiple races in Malaysia or being treated and paid unfairly because they always have the good side with them. Promising career, free overseas education, career escalator instead of ladder. So these kind of people, doesn't really able to grasp the work ethics from the outside because they are living in this comfort bubble.

So the company that I work with is probably one of the best in Malaysia, good remuneration,  manageable workload albeit the culture is somewhat awful. We just had new Chairman and CEO who are very much forward thinker, it's a blessed, really but then, I am just the unlucky few who happened to work with a boss, whose his mind is so obnoxious and I just can't help but to dislike his mind. Have you ever met someone who you can't even have a healthy argument and cannot except anything else but blind obedience? Well, this man he ticks all the red box.

I believed that human has evolved from time to time and in this millennial world, we almost have the freedom of speech except that not everyone embracing the change. Having to penalize by being bold and open with my very own opinion without even being rude is just unacceptable. I don't know why do we need to spend hours in the meeting room, listening to the endless crap about your so-called strategic planning and at the end of the day you don't even want to know the ugly truth about our condition. Some people maybe the master of blind obedience,but I don't want to be deluded by the subtle dictatorship that he tried to plant in our head, trying to control every membrane of thinking cells in our brain.

Of course, there will be consequences of my bold move. I probably will be ignored or rated poorly, even now he has shown that he prefers the man with testosterone rather than woman who is fulled with estrogen. Nonetheless, I pray that my strong willed and mind will be recognized elsewhere, perhaps with other departments. For sure, not one single person on earth wanting to stay slaves for their whole lives, but then, like slaves it is all depending to the kindness of your masters.

Well the only master in the world is Allah, and as human we have faith to believe that the truth will always prevail.

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Ninie said...

So true. There are people like this, Moon. They just don't listen. Let's hope for a better tomorrow. As you've said, people their mind too. You can do this!