Wednesday, July 13, 2011

back on a new track

it feels like ages!!!!!!!! but trust me, deep somewhere beneath my thick skin i truly miss blogging. my life at home was pathetically mundane that involves waking up early to bath, feed, play, lull and dress the babies. i did not learn how to sew or cook as what i planned when i was still in Penang. no rombongan meminang came knocking to the door. no surprising shocking sweet experience but a tiring experience of job seeking.


Thank God, i finally found one although it is nothing related to my degree, not even related to my interest, but i seriously need a job. at this exact moment, i am temporarily staying at a friend's room and have promised her that this going to be not more than two weeks before i finally able to find my own room in city of kl. speaking of kl, i self-taught myself on how to commute around the city and i kind of like it. years ago, i am not so fond of the idea of staying in kl, but now this is where a new life begins sooo collect the guts and spirits and just do it.

now, the preparation to start working troubles my head, the things with how to start an EPF account, income tax some more, finding a rent room, yadda yadda yadda. everything has to be done on my own, nothing tangible is provided. even moving into an old shabby room have to bring everything on your own, haiyo! no kipas, no katil, no wardrobe, shared toilet with 10 girls some more,  but there are few things that i should and must tag along to ensure my survival and those are

positive attitude and strong will.

oh yeah

oh well