Wednesday, January 8, 2014

a toss of a new year

Writing this down via mobile phone is pretty much nerve-wrecking. God knows how much i have missed writing and blogging and so this attempt is probably my final piece before i shut this down forever.

So here are little updates on my life.

1. Still at the current working place. Of course, declaring this line is considered as one of my greatest shame, alas who am i to choose the future path. It's from Him i will get and to Him i shall give my faith. Waiting is a pain and patience is certainly not my virtue, hence the frustration. 2013 had made me crying too much, especially when seeing your good friends bade their final goodbye to us.

2. I have lost my beloved grandma. Albeit the past, i must say this is a great ending for her illness. The only regret i had is how inconsiderate the relatives for not informing me much earlier of her condition. Alas, i am hoping the best for her in the afterlife and my prayer and thoughts will always be with her.

3. Finally moved into our own house. The key was received somewhere in September and fortunately i was on mandate leave at that time. Prepping the house to dwell in cost a lot, with the grilled gate, electricity, wiring, light and fixtures. Thankfully i was being promoted, hence the increment, i manage to breathe easy at this point of time. The increment is not that much but that certainly help me to pay the bill.

4. I have met the one. Well i am not entirely sure of this decision but his seriousness blew me off my feet. A proposal of future plan, the meet up with the parents and talks on wedding plan, these are certainly not in my 2013 list but it happened, right now at this moment. A totally unexpected occurence and i am blessed to be loved this much.

5. Finally over that worst nightmare of ghe twins. Although the elder had made an attempt to hang out, but this time around, no no signor. Pack your bullshit elsewhere, i am flushing you down the loo.

2014, i welcome you with all my heart. I know it will be a tough year, with the gst, the price hike and the need to have a constant saving despite of the debtful commitment, 2014 is not the year to spend unconsciously. It is a year of frugal, a lot tougher and i hope a better one.