Thursday, May 21, 2015


A friend suggested me to start a blog, perhaps on food or review of anything since I am pretty much a walking 'food-directory', little that she knew, I have a blog, the abandoned one.

I do want to keep a blog. Being a writer has always been my dream but  now that dream is just a dream. I have forgotten that I had once have this passion of writing and reading and these two activities are not even mentioned in my weekly nor monthly routine. I find it terribly hard just to finish a single book out of the many books that I bought once a year at BBW Sales, so left alone with the idea of keeping a blog alive.

The years I am away from the blog-zone, I am struggling, swimming against the current of wanting to survive and get a job and career. Consequent to that, I am planning to take a MBA or Economics Master or Degree, get a CFA or CFP so I can climb further up to the corporate world. So much plans that drive me greater far from my once upon a dream.

Do I lose my old self on my way of getting accepted in the corporate?

I can't tell. For sure that I have a better mental check, emotionally stable, an okay salary with fat bonus, a good company to stay till retirement, a fiance that doesn't mind my bulging fat or wide ass, girly clans that threw out hens party for me. I am having the time of my life.

Time has changed, so as perception, so as dreams. Perhaps writing a post once a month will help me better with my language work. Perhaps, I still have that writer dreams locked inside, waiting to be polished again. And I am pretty much believe that my soul has not changed a bit, since I am pretty much of the same bubbly moon.

So much of optimism, I hardly believe that this is me.

Hence, a foodie blogger or foodie Instagram-er?


I probably have found the company that I will stay for the rest of my life. Judging from my ample free time and ability to write a piece of rambling nonsense in a blog, this company is FTW.

Anyhow, for my current position I am engaged in data and stats, and occasionally in charge of some translation work. Needless to say, I am pretty much in love with my daily task. But then, when it comes to translation, man, I am a disgrace to my English Degree, as it is proven that I am terrible at spotting grammatical error and translating.

Maybe because I have not exercised the language much often as other coursemates or maybe simply because I am just bad at it.

Still, I can handle this.