Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My kind of berhuhuhu

10 days more till my wedding.

Huhuhuhuhuuhu. OMFG, I am getting married. Friends been told me, I am probably one of the most laid-back bride to be. Wedding is stressful, but I am tired of getting frustrated with sudden change of plan, petty arguments, money matters, family issue and many others irrelevant unthinkable issues that happen only to a bride. Hence, I can only play cool and berhuhuhuhuhu and pray it will turn out just fine.

Mental wise - Checked.

Yes, I do not overly excited about getting married, the fact that my life will be chained to some man's life, is not as exciting as I imagine it would be. But then, with all the unfavorable experience I had faced in life, I am pretty optimistic that marriage is just another phase and it is not all doom and gloomy and sad and black. Sure, it's gonna be tough, financially challenging to us, both. but that is what life is meant to be and we all know it won't be exciting if it is all flat and dull, Soooooo, will all the optimism and determination, I am quite certain that I am pretty much ready to sail through the sea of marriage.

Of kids. Hurm. It's a tough call. Between wanting to have it as soon as we got married, or wait until we are all ready. Readiness? Well, I do love seeing chubby kids but not sure how I feel about having one on my own. Can't even imagine it, will it inherit my big eyes or the slanting eyes from Adam. Taking care of babies, of course, I can deal with babies, I was a babysitter years ago. But me getting pregnant? be a mom? I can just berhuhuhuhuhuhu with the idea. Peculiar.

Of Bali. This is my favourite part because finally a vacation for a depressed mind is just around the corner. It seems that this soon-to-be-true plan, is lurking me to google the place whenever I found nothing else to do and oh I am deeply excited for it. Being frugal for a year is such a pain in mind and so this Bali trip a.k.a a honeymoon trip will be the best dessert for our event. Such a beautiful end to a stressful event, such a sweet ending to a year of travel-fasting. I am all excited to berhuhuhuhuhu.

10 days more and I have not distributed all the cards yet, still doesnt have an off-white shawl for my akad nikah, still haven't bought the beads and blings for the wedding dress. So much to do and so little effort I have made.

Whatever lah kan. Asal kahwin sudah. Huhuhuhuhuhuhu