Thursday, September 22, 2011

for grandeur time

i do. i do miss blogging and the life on the net really really much. alas, i am busy and there were times that life was pretty fucked up, hence the missing.

to tell of my life at this moment, of what i am feeling, of what i had been through and of what i'll be going through, its gonna end up as a novel. there were times, i slept wearing the smiley face, having all those good moments right next to you and there were time, like at this exact moment, i am feeling down, heartbroken, disappointed. of family issues, of man woman relationship, i dare not to spill it all. might burst onto tears anytime. like yesterday in the office. but i am lucky to have a good caring boss!! tsk. tsk.

now that i am in penang, will be spending times, great times with friends. i wont put my family as my greatest pleasure. even if they are, it includes only my mom and sibling. dad, you're not even a part of my happiness hence i certainly convince that i am not gonna be happily smiling seeing you on my convocation day. you just intensify the pressure i have in me now. 

Of guy thingy, i met a guy that i fond of his personality. Even his way of laughing, talking are burnt in my mind, like a tattoo it's hard for me to remove him. i am indeed sad but my story is not that heart wrenching after all. luckily i was not deeply in love. merely fond, i tell ya. but i adore his attitude. :) though i suppose to enrage to him, i am not. I am confused, clueless that i cant even draw what were really happened between us. friends, indeed. a really good friend of mine. one who finds me pretty in every ugly things i've said and done. sigh.

enough is enough. im gonna put a dot in here and purely hoping that i'll be having the urge to update this little cutey sweetey darling blog much more often. :)

i am graduating though!!